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The Best Authenticator Apps for iPhone and Android

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is essential for securing your accounts these days. It isn’t enough to have a password anymore. Between password leaks, and weak and reused passwords, it’s too easy for hackers to figure out your secrets and break into your acc…

Aimi's app for listening to AI-generated beats arrives on Android and iOS

Following a beta that saw just 5,000 people get a chance to use the software, Aimi’s iOS and Android app is now available to all. The release brings the company’s generative music platform to mobile, where it was not available previously. Engadget’s James Tre…

Qualcomm's Next Mid-Range Android Chip Can Support Up to 16GB of RAM

Qualcomm has announced its second-generation mid-range mobile chip. The Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 processor is built on the 4nm process. It’ll be available on Android smartphones starting this month.Read more...

Google's Bringing Some Formerly Exclusive Pixel Features to its Android and iOS Subscription Service

Google is bringing some of Pixel’s until now exclusive AI photo editing features to more Android devices, but also the iPhone. The caveat is that you must subscribe to Google One to access capabilities previously limited to Pixel 6/7 owners.Read more...

Android Central's Best of MWC 2023

MWC 2023 comes to an end, and Android Central showcases the products that stood out the most.


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