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Google Warns Samsung and Pixel Phone Owners About 18 Dire Exploits - CNET

If you have these devices with Samsung Exynos chipsets, stay off WiFi and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) calls.

Google Finally Put Spatial Audio on the Pixel Buds Pro

There’s good news for all those folks who picked up the last version of the Pixel Buds Pro. Google’s finally catching up to Apple and announced it will add spatial audio to its flagship earbuds devices. Unfortunately for all those folks who went for cheaper o…

Samsung’s Bixby Will Clone Your Voice to Answer Calls for You

Bixby Text Call is one of the more exciting parts of the Galaxy S23 series, allowing users to type messages that are converted to speech for phone calls. Unfortunately, it wasn’t live when I reviewed the Galaxy S23 Ultra. But Samsung now says a Bixby update w…

Vivo's rumored foldable flip phone has the Galaxy Z Flip 4 in its sights

Vivo is rumored to be planning on launching its own clamshell foldable phone, dubbed the Vivo X Flip.

Vulnerabilidades de día cero en los módems Exynos ponen en peligro a móviles Samsung, Google y Vivo

Project Zero, el equipo interno de Google especializado en seguridad, reveló una serie de vulnerabilidades de día cero en los módems Samsung Exynos. La mismas, según describen, permiten tomar el control total de un dispositivo sin que el propietario tenga que…

Google Glass is set to disappear (again)

Google will no longer sell its Glass AR smart glasses for enterprise starting on March 15th, and it will only support the device until September 15th this year. The tech giant has posted those details with a notice that says "Thank you for over a decade of in…

Major Samsung Bixby update leaves Google Assistant in the dust

Samsung has introduced a big upgrade to Bixby, making the voice assistant smarter than its rivals in certain ways.

Why You Need to Stop Clicking Sponsored Google Links

We all google, so we’re all used to Google’s quirks, sponsored links being one of the most visible. These links appear at the top of any given Google search, depending on who pays the most to be there. Even though these links can be largely irrelevant to what…

Samsung Galaxy S23+ review: A solid phone that’s probably not worth the upgrade

Despite what companies would like you to believe, you don’t need to get a new phone every year or two. So while Samsung’s 2023 lineup of its Galaxy S flagship phones may seem underwhelming when compared to the last generation, it’s not a bad thing that these …

Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra Review: High Power, High Price

Samsung’s new highest spec laptop has plenty of power, but fails to master important features.


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